The Road to Launch: Ep. 3 The Name and Logo

How We Started

The name  While many people have asked us the meaning of the name KAHXI, if it is Chinese, or if there is a cryptic meaning to the name? The name Kahxi has been inspired by my 2 year old nephew. His name is Zimchikachim translating into “show me a god who is greater than my God” in Igbo

For the brand, I wanted a name that is a tribute to him and also to the African/Igbo culture. The word Kachi is embedded deep into the popular Igbo culture and means “like God”. Whereas I have drawn inspiration from the word, I reworked it a little and added an X to symbolize luxury and exuberance synonymous with our products.

The idea was to come up with a name that is demonstrative of the lavish quality and the richness of the fabric that we strive to deliver to our customers.

The logo — I created the outline of our logo during one of my musings on a trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts in May 2019. I had gone to see the African exhibition. Walking into the section, I felt the presence of the great African kings and queens. There was a distinct fervour in that room. The air was pregnant with the passion and heritage of the African culture. There was the exquisite Kente fabric hanging from the ceiling, exotic gold jewellery overfilling the drawers and ancient bronze art staring right at me. The whole setting reminded me of the scene in Black Panther where Killmonger retrieved what belonged to Wakanda (if you know you know). Among the many intriguing artefacts symbolizing the black culture, I found a gold sword handle display. It had a gold Duiker mounted on top of a big gold elephant. The sword was a remnant from the culture of the Akan people of Ghana. It said that the sword was never used in battle but was a figurative verbal message. African proverb: “The elephant is a huge beast, but it is the smart little duiker that rules the jungle.”

To me, this represented Power, Prosperity and Pride.


Photo taken by Bobby for KAHXI Apparel


That is how we want you to feel when you wear our products, power, confidence, luxury, comfort and a fire that is built from the most bottom layer of your clothing.

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