The Road to Launch: Ep. 2 Fabrication

Giving you a peak into our perky, spirited and energetic new line of briefs

Airy and bold, our new line of briefs combines a highly breathable luxurious fabric with a breakthrough design which feels soft and plush and keeps you comfortable all day long.

We have spent long hard hours performing arduous research on the fabric, shape and contour. With our team of expert designers and merchandisers working ardently to push the envelope, we have created a novel design that gives ultimate support and brace. The material is light and feels like a second skin. The uncluttered design promises next level comfort and ease. The luxuriant fabric lets your skin breathe while ensuring that you can stay active and frisky.

Mesh-ing things up a bit!

The highlight of our garment is the prudent use of mesh panels in the right places. The mesh panels ensure maximum airflow. Our breakthrough design allows ventilation along with an opulently soft feel. The fabric feels exceedingly smooth and soft against your skin keeping you mobile all day.

Our new design is a complete overhaul from the previous mesh outline. It is sleek, trim and excessively smooth. We call it the thin-mesh side panels. The revolutionary new panels offer greater coverage while a snug fit keeps you super comfy all the time. the new design also lends greater privacy to your most sensitive areas. Not providing complete coverage, yet not showing too much, it gives you the slick cool and ultra-desirable look along with superior air flow.

Picture taken by Bobby for KAHXI Apparel


The technology in the next line up is honestly insane and I can’t wait for you to try them out! We know how much effort, consideration and innovation goes into the brand and I am positive that you will love this new collection!

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