The Road to Launch: Ep. 1 Design

How my fashion stint came to be?

I have no formal education in fashion and until 2018, I had no exposure of the industry except the odd retail gig I did as a teenager. It was when I encountered a problem with my boxer briefs, that it struck me that there was a whole community of people out there that felt the same way.

Starting a luxury line for men

I set out to provide a solution. I put on my chemical engineer hat (it should come in handy right?) and started working on designing a line of functional and luxury wear apparel. After sharing my ideas with friends, family and the community, I was able to get valuable feedback on my designs. The exchange of thoughts with the community was an insightful learning experience and I am proud of the outcome.

With time, my ideas gained greater clarity. Not being much of a designer myself, I collaborated with experienced fashion designers to benefit from their visual conception to turn my dreams into reality. Alina (pictured below) is one of our designers who has been a great asset to have on the team!

Alina (pictured above) working on new KAHXI sketches. Picture provided by Alina for KAHXI Apparel.


Striving to create a stellar product

The process starts with my sketches on a napkin note and finishes with an actual drawing by our talented designers. This helps me focus my energies on the design and innovation aspect of the business.

We then put together a physical sample which is presented before the rest of the team for their value additions. We are constantly working to create a premium quality product.


I believe that burning the midnight oil is well worth the effort as long as we can exceed our customer’s expectations. With every accomplishment, small or big, I am learning to push boundaries. I am still learning more about the fashion industry (sewing, seams, limitations) everyday.  Having said that I cannot contain my excitement about what we have in store for the next few weeks!





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