Spotlight: Business, Real-Estate and Luxury Cars with Kevin Yim

1. Can you please tell our audience about yourself (career and lifestyle)?

Currently working in the Property Development and Real Estate industry. Having established myself as a business development professional with nearly 6 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service in the luxury automotive industry, I am now looking to apply my skills in the property space with Vestbuild.

Every achievement and progression in my career has been the result of building great relationships with colleagues and clients alike and establishing and maintaining a strong network of local and international buyers.

I try to workout at least 5 times a week first thing in the morning. This gets my blood pumping and puts me in a good mood. And I feel like I’ve done the hardest thing of my day first which is getting out of bed and exercising!


2. Favourite luxury vehicle and why?

Lexus LFA. The sound from that V10 is developed by Yahama to sound like an F1 car. It is to die for. Only 500 made too and a bit under the radar.

3. Top tip for success and manifesting your goals?

The only thing you can control is yourself. So always do the most you can. Work harder than everyone else and do more than everyone else. Wake up earlier. Call more people. Message more people. Network more. Read more. Listen more. Everything.


Contact info – Email: [email protected], Instagram: @kevsyim

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