Brand Story

Our story begins in Calgary, Canada 2019, our founder was tired of seeing mundane underwear being marketed to hardworking men! He decided to launch a brand that would allow them to finally enjoy a great fit that was luxurious, durable and met the needs of their active professional lifestyles. 


We developed an “all-daylong comfort” brand that would completely disrupt the status quo! Our moisture-wicking, breathable boxer briefs are almost like a second skin. We know from experience that uncomfortable underwear can be distracting and can easily erode your focus. We won’t let that happen!


The entrepreneurs, the go-getters, the rising talent, the achievers, the innovators and the athletes work hard every day to raise their game. We understand! The stakes are high as you strive for personal excellence! That’s why we’ve built a structurally sound, sleek fit that allows you to move through your day with total ease.



Our Vision

To be the luxury essentials brand of choice for active and professional men. 



Our Mission

We believe that comfort and luxury doesn’t have to break the bank. We strive to create well thought out and constructed products that will elevate your confidence. Allowing you to focus on the things that matter.



Our Products

We took our time to research the market, understand your wants, needs and dream desires. All our products are packaged and shipped locally from Calgary, Canada. Our product materials are ethically sourced from reliable and environmental conscious suppliers.



Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction and good relationships

  • Trust

  • Innovation



Bobby IFeanyi

Founder and CEO