5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade your Underwear – For Men

On average men keep underwear for seven years. 59% of women are unimpressed with their partner’s underwear drawer. Wife’s have admitted to throwing away their partner’s underwear when they are not looking! 

Enough is enough fellas, time to step up your game!

5 reason why you should upgrade your underwear:

  • Personal hygiene: it goes without saying that your underwear should be changed out at least once a day. Bacteria builds up after years of wear so it’s worth buying a new pack frequently.


  • Comfort: So many guys are still sacrificing their comfort with poor quality and un breathable materials. Let the boys breathe with better material and our brand new mesh design technology!


  • Sex appeal: Ladies can attest that their favourite style of underwear on men are boxer briefs 


  • Elevate your confidence: you know that feeling after you just got a fresh haircut? What if you could feel that everyday. That’s our promise with our high quality premium product 


  • Trendy/Modern: Your swag is everything. Don’t forget the most basic piece of clothing.


Shop our catalogue now!


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